R & R Recycling  
R & R Recycling
The start.  
The paint job.
Ok folks, it has now been a year since we tried to expand R & R Recycling
to Holland, TX.

What you are seeing in the pictures here, is the newest addition we have
made to the place.

It seems like we should get something out of the $1980.00 property taxes,
and little if any city services.

We at R & R Recycling have survived and thrived through all the turmoil.  
Honesty and hard work do pay off.  
The Rooster
Above are pictures of our certifications from the State of Texas and a Notification letter from the TCEQ
(Texas EPA), stating "no Violations".  This just shows some of the proof of the Bold Faced Lies the Mayor
of the city of Holland, TX has been saying and enforcing, about us running our business in Belton, TX
unlawfully.  This also shows how the Mayor of Holland, TX is abusing the resources of Government
agencies for her own personal vendetta.  So now you can see for yourselves, that this Mayor has lied to
the State and Federal agencies along with the city of Holland, TX.
This, to the left, is the actual application
we filled out in order to get the permits
to build our building, (30'x60'), to also
put up an 8' high fence "around the
complete property", and put up a
10'x16' sign.  No problem.
To the right, this is the permit we received,
for the Fence, Building, and sign.  Notice that
the date issued is 3/11/11.  We proceeded to
start putting the telephone poles in, that were
to used to hold the fence up.
To be continued.
We at R & R Recycling have survived and thrived through all
the turmoil.  Honesty and hard work do pay off.  
Below is
one of the many trials we survived.  The property has new
owners now, and we wish them much success.  We also
would like to Thank all of our customers and friends and the
city of Belton.  THANK YOU!